Case Studies

John Lewis Partnership - Oxford

Location: Westgate shopping Centre, Oxford
Client: John Lewis Partnership





  • To manufacturer display furniture for the Consumer Electronics department, the shoe department and a number of ancillary joinery items throughout the new John Lewis Store at Westgate, Oxford. This followed the winning of a competitive tender for the various departments.


    From very detailed drawings stipulating laminates, finishes and materials to be used, Aspen Concepts turned the designers drawings into precisely manufactured pieces of display furniture.


    All the pieces of display furniture were delivered to store and placed in position on time and undamaged ready for the store to open in October 2017.

    Aspen are now working on the next John Lewis Store, planned for opening in December 2017 at Westfield, London. 

NHS - The Modality Partnership - Enki Medical Centre

Location: Handsworth, Birmingham
Client: The Modality Partnership

  • Debbie Wearing, Practice Manager - said, “From start to finish Aspen have been a pleasure to work with, always liaising every step of the way...The quality of work is excellent, the workmen are very conscientious of their surroundings, clearing up as they go along.”


    Having previously manufactured and fitted a reception desk for another Modality Partnership practice in Birmingham, Aspen were asked to manufacture and install, with all associated services, a large reception desk for the Enki Medical Centre in Handsworth. The desk would need increase the reception area, but needed to fit between two existing columns of the building.


    Aspen turned the architect’s drawings into 3D renders and 2D manufacturing drawings. A mock-up the space, including the building’s columns, was created in Aspen’s factory. This enabled the desk units and front of the reception counter to be pre-manufactured and the construction of the desk to be trialled prior to installation on site.

    Debbie Wearing, practice manager said, “We were invited to the workshop to see the desk being built, from that time forward we knew we had chosen the right company to do the work for the practice.”


    From consultation with the Enki Medical centre staff to completion took only 5 weeks, but the actual installation of the reception counter was conducted in just one weekend to avoid disruption to patients, this included all the electrical services for the computers required on the reception.

    Aspen are now working on a third reception desk to be fitted in the zero tolerance area at Enki Medical Centre.


Location: Bath
Client: Lightsource

  • Ben Vowles, O&M Operations Manager, Lightsource said, “Aspen Concepts have been a great partner for this office expansion, they really listened to our requirements and have provided an office environment that actually works for us and how we operate as a team. The results speak for themselves. We are now working with them on our second phase of office expansion onto a second floor of our building.”

Lightsource offices, bath


  • Lightsource contacted Aspen Concepts regarding the expansion of their South West office in Central Bath. With a growing portfolio of solar assets, the Lightsource team in the South West had seen a rapid increase in size, creating a need to move their office to a larger space. The interior of the new space then had to be brought up to the standards required for a high-tech office environment.


  • Aspen Concepts were asked to design and implement the new office layout. The existing desks were reused, with more added to match, and electrical points and data cabling was installed for all computers and equipment. Bespoke storage units were created and installed, as was standards-compliant lighting, which provided a challenge in an unusually-shaped building.  

    The project not only covered the refurbishment of the office space and the manufacture of the bespoke storage units, but also included a new boardroom with a made-to-measure table and media facilities, an office reception and graphics, a new kitchen and social area, and even a refit of the toilets.


  • Managing all aspects of the redesign and refurbishment from start to finish gave Aspen Concepts complete control of the project’s timeline, enabling completion in just 3 weeks. Lightsource were able to work in their old office during the refurbishment, right up until 5pm on the Friday, and walked into their new offices the next Monday morning.

Roper Rhodes bathroom displays

Location: UK Wide
Client: Roper Rhodes

Project Specification:

  • "Working with Aspen has been a pleasure, nothing has been too much for them. They easily took the visual designs and turned them into the perfect displays for us, even suggesting a few changes that have improved the overall effect. The partnership between our two companies is working well and we look forward to the future as we roll out this campaign around the country. Their quality of craftsmanship is excellent." said Simon Taylor - Marketing Director, Roper Rhodes
  • Roper Rhodes installation by an installer                          Roper Rhodes bathroom display
  • Brand recognition was a key factor when Roper Rhodes were considering their future plans. The average consumer won’t recognise many bathroom brands, unless they have done some research into the subject.

    They therefore decided to embark on a branding exercise, when installing their fixtures and fittings in bathroom retailers’ showrooms they wanted dedicated display areas which would be branded with the Roper Rhodes name.


  • Aspen were approached by Roper Rhodes with the challenge of manufacturing their new displays in accordance with their visual design which had been produced by an external designer.


  • Aspen took the design visuals, turned them into manufacturing 2D drawings and built mock ups of all the units. Prototyping enabled any alterations or enhancements to be made at an early stage. Aspen also incorporated some of their own ideas, based upon their experience of retail display manufacturing.

    Having been given the go ahead to manufacture the units Aspen were also asked to be the installers for the project as it rolled out with their new branding. Installation in the showrooms included the fitting of Roper Rhodes’ units, mirrors, showers and sanitary wear plus the merchandising of the displays with labels.

Tobacco Display Ban

Display Ban

Location: UK Wide
Client: Imperial Tobacco

Project Specification:

  • To design and install a self-closing sliding door system to fit various styles and sizes of Tobacco Gantry within the Imperial Tobacco Estate. The design must comply with the latest Government Display Ban legislations.
  • To plan a countrywide Installation program for approximately 15,000 sites split into two phases. Phase 1 to install system frames. Phase 2 to install sliding doors onto frame. Phase 2 to be completed 14 days before government legislation came into effect.
  • The biggest project Aspen has undertaken involved over 18 months of pre-planning. From the initial design process, prototyping and final approval to installation mapping, assembly line set-up and the creation of an in house training school.
  • The installation project was split into 3 regions of the U.K - North, Central and South. Each region had it's own dedicated Project Manager, Administrators, Supervisors and QC representatives. To achieve efficient installations each region was covered by 12 crews of 2 men.
  • Warehousing was divided over Aspens three main sites: Swindon, Birmingham and Durham. Each site had a share of the 30,000 kit boxes required for installation. To put this into context - if you took all of the Phase 2 kits, laid one flat on the ground and stacked the rest on top you would have a stack of boxes reaching over 1700 metres into the sky. That's almost 18 Big Bens or 4 Empire State Buildings.